Why Choose Us

Our goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles for every patient that lasts a lifetime. We strive to offer outstanding customer service and treatment using the most advanced orthodontic treatment methods available!

1. Complimentary Initial Examination

Find out how we can help you create the new smile you or your child deserves. We offer complimentary initial examinations for any new patient. There’s no need for a dentist referral to schedule an appointment and find out what we can do to give you or your child that beautiful, healthy smile!

2. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer a discreet method for straightening teeth, allowing individuals to maintain a natural appearance throughout the process. With the convenience of removal, they promote easier oral hygiene routines, reducing the risk of plaque buildup and gum disease. Moreover, clear aligners provide a comfortable alternative to traditional braces, minimizing discomfort and irritation commonly associated with metal brackets and wires.

4. Ultra-low radiation

We offer one of the latest iCat 3D machines for the most accurate imaging with one of the lowest radiation exposure rates on the market.

5. Sustainability and Sanitation

We are dedicated to preserving our environment here at The Ortho Barr. Our office is paperless to facilitate the delivery of leading edge orthodontic care while protecting the environment. We are also dedicated to giving each patient the safest experience possible at our offices. Our sterilization procedure brings a whole new level of protection to our patients. We deliver the highest standard of sterilization in dentistry.